How it Works

The Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) gathers soot from your exhaust. The car should regenerate the DPF and turn the soot to ash whilst you're driving. This does not always happen due to various reasons, e.g. driving style or mechanical fault on a vehicle without regeneration the DPF can become clogged and require cleaning or replacing. Replacing your DPF is expensive, here at Total DPF Solutions we can clean out soot, ash and oil. Your DPF is collected and undergoes multiple tests including back pressure and flow testing. Once we have confirmed there is no structural damage to the DPF it is then cleaned, re-tested and returned to you. We aim to turn all our DPF cleans around within 72 hours from collection.

Resolving DPF problems-
Next Steps

  • Remove your DPF from the vehicle
  • Contact Total DPF Solutions to arrange collection
  • Our courier collects the DPF from you
  • Specialist testing
  • Specialist cleaning
  • Specialise testing including report
  • Delivery back to you
  • Re-fit to the customer’s vehicle
  • Happy Customer






How do we clean?

Our specialist engineers will carry out a thorough test of your DPF which includes flow rate and back pressure tests. If our engineers discover any problems with your DPF you will be contacted immediately and will not be charged for the cleaning process.

Using our top of the range equipment, and our specialist engineers experience, we can clean a DPF in a matter of hours, allowing us to offer a while you wait service or a collection and delivery service within a 72 hour turn around.

How is my DPF collected?

Your parcel will be collected by our courier who will bring a label to be attached to your parcel, the parcel will then be brought to us.

Returning your DPF unit

Once the clean is complete, your DPF is fully re-tested and a report is generated which then be returned to you.